Tried mixing different quantities of acrylic paint with RTV to see if it will effect the material properties.

  • 1st pot, 2g acrylic to 30g RTV
  • 2nd pot, 10g arcrylic to 30g RTV

Not much difference except colour between the two

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HEllo. I have recently just finished my honours course in Product Design in Scotland.

I have been using this blog to document the process throughout my final year of Uni since the start of October 2011. It shows the progression of my Self Directed project across the entire year aswell as my entry for the RSA brief -The Good Journey.

My Self Directed project began by using Food Waste as a research topic which has lead me into designing kitchenware products with the aim of reducing domestic food waste. Jump on to this webpage to see my final outcome from my Uni course,

Any other extra bits I've been doing thorught my time at Uni will be chucked on here aswell!


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